New Products
LLBV/2000 G 8-10-12-14-16-18
New model of Granite Slab Polishing Machine has been designed in 2012..... Read all

ibvm1p13 JPG
IBV/600 M1-P
New model of Automatic Cross Cutting Machine, to process Marble and Granite strips of big thickness..... Read all

LCBV/600 M
New model of combined Calibrating-Polishing Machine for Marble strips, with 4 Calibrating Units and 12 Polishing Units..... Read all

TBV/2200 M
New Block Cutting Machine for Marble - Vertical Blade d=2200 mm, for a useful cutting depth of 90 cm.
.... Read all

FTBV/1200-900 MG
New Bridge Cutting Machine with two Motorized Block Trolleys, and Laser Measuring System, to set different size of cut..... Read all

Bridge Saw with COPY CN 2 - COPY CN 3 software
A new software has been developed. It's available for some models of our Bridge Saws. Download the following files to view all details.
.... Read all

CBV/960 G-2011
Completely renewed, the edge polishing machine mod. CBV/960 G allows the processing (polishing) of marble and granite sides with different thickness by means of.... Read all

real109 JPG
FBV/1000-450 COPY CN3
New Profiling Bridge Saw.... Read all

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